» About Us
Keystone doo Sarajevo is a company engaged in breeding, buying and processing of medicinal herbs, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables.

Keystone is engaged in buying wool, animals and other agricultural and animal husbandry activities.

Company headquarters is located in Sarajevo, Džemala Bijedića No.133 street.

Keystone owns its own land area under orchards of apples, pears and walnuts, and with farm facilities in which the care is taken of 300 sheep.

Keystone in its composition has three buying centers in the area of Gorazde. Which are: MZ Resetnica, Podsestra MZ and MZ-Osjecani Jarovic, with storage areas, coolers, dryers and other sorting, processing and packaging equipment.

We offer services and sell goods in domestic and foreign markets such as Malaysia, Libya, Slovenia and Turkey.
  • production of herbs, mushrooms, and the enhancement of production of indigenous varieties of fruits and other agricultural products,
  • certification for organic and halal production,
  • purchase of: a/ herbs, b/ mushrooms, c/ fruits & vegetables,
  • packaging and processing,
  • placement of re-purchased products to the known buyers,
  • education of rural households in the region.